The Homosexuality Epidemic: A Rebuke to Both Conservative and Liberal Christians

Normally there are two sides in the debate over homosexuality within the Christian church. Usually the conservatives believe the following points: Homosexuality is an abomination. Homosexuality is chosen. Homosexuals can change after repentance. No Christian can be a homosexual. As opposed to that, you have what liberals claim: Homosexuality is not an abomination. Homosexuality is [...]


Trump Jr. and the Russians: Why Their Meddling Doesn’t Matter

Academics do not care where truth originates. If an English neuroscientist presents evidence and makes convincing arguments, he will be referenced by other writers. If a German philosopher publishes an incredibly detailed and persuasive argument for God, other philosophers will take notice. At certain times, conclusions will come under critique, and at other times, conclusions [...]

The Levels of Open-Mindedness

From what I have seen in the world, there are at least three levels of "mindedness." 1. Refusing to consider or accept any opposing views that are against or different from the views one has been raised to believe. This is usually called "closed-minded," and can be attributed to conservatives most of the time. 2. [...]

The Blind Men and an Elephant: True Religion

Over the past few months, I have been attending a mosque once a week with some Christian brothers of mine. The purpose of this is multifaceted, and one of the reasons is to grow in the knowledge of the religion of Islam. From what I have learned, the God of Islam, Allah, is very similar to the [...]

The Lawyer’s Purpose and Democracy: America’s Failing System

  Lawyers are almost always looked at with suspicion. We note certain defense attorneys arguing in favor of a man who is obviously guilty, and we, in turn, look at the attorneys as being obviously guilty as well. Their crimes? Defending guilty men. But, this view is ignorant of the lawyer's purpose. Most people don't realize it, [...]