Three Arguments Against Dating and For Arranged Marriage

In a previous post I pointed out that the current climate of the church (or, really, the climate of any isolated grouping of people) has created a struggle in which no one ever really dates anyone. Women have to choose between two options: (1) despise men for pursuing multiple women and have the awkward not-knowing-if-this-is-a-date [...]


The Current Christian Climate and the Dating Game

As a Christian single, I (a man) am fully aware of the struggles Christians have in the dating game. It is hard. It is not easy. And I think everyone would agree that it is not all that fun. One of the reasons for the dating game being so difficult is because of the climate [...]

Primary and Secondary Doctrines

With post-modernism, subjectivism, and relativism running rampant in this world, it is not surprising that many Christians have embraced the notion that we should only stick to the primary doctrines of the church. This has led to the common idea of upholding primary doctrines, but allowing one another to freely disagree over those which are secondary. Naturally, however, the church [...]