Breaking the Constitution

Who cares about the Constitution? Of course, this is a hyperbolic rhetorical question. Let's be serious, now. Why does the Constitution even matter? American conservatives have a tendency to act as if the United States Constitution is the Word of God, divinely given to our forefathers who created this blessed nation we call America. It [...]


The Current Christian Climate and the Dating Game

As a Christian single, I (a man) am fully aware of the struggles Christians have in the dating game. It is hard. It is not easy. And I think everyone would agree that it is not all that fun. One of the reasons for the dating game being so difficult is because of the climate [...]

The Levels of Open-Mindedness

From what I have seen in the world, there are at least three levels of "mindedness." 1. Refusing to consider or accept any opposing views that are against or different from the views one has been raised to believe. This is usually called "closed-minded," and can be attributed to conservatives most of the time. 2. [...]

Primary and Secondary Doctrines

With post-modernism, subjectivism, and relativism running rampant in this world, it is not surprising that many Christians have embraced the notion that we should only stick to the primary doctrines of the church. This has led to the common idea of upholding primary doctrines, but allowing one another to freely disagree over those which are secondary. Naturally, however, the church [...]