Yes, Atheists, God Is a Narcissist. What About It?

Yes, you read the title correctly. God is a narcissist. I fully affirm that God is completely and utterly self-absorbed with Himself, and we can accurately describe this as narcissism. According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was so enamored with himself that he stared into a pool of water until he died. Because of this story, we [...]


The Levels of Open-Mindedness

From what I have seen in the world, there are at least three levels of "mindedness." 1. Refusing to consider or accept any opposing views that are against or different from the views one has been raised to believe. This is usually called "closed-minded," and can be attributed to conservatives most of the time. 2. [...]

The Limits of Scientific Knowledge

Imagine the following scenario. You are literally the only human who has ever existed. Let us go even further and say that you are literally the only animal to have ever existed. Imagine, then, that you find yourself in the middle of a desert and discover a fully-functioning flashlight, one which you did not make. You click [...]

Justice vs. Mercy: A Test To Find the True God

In my last post, I detailed how we find substantial differences between religions. Primarily, we distinguish one religion from another with regard to how sinners are made right with God. In fact, most religions are very similar, in that they almost always understand the nature of God as being the infinite creator of the universe [...]

A Vindication of God Seeking His Glory

Many argue that God could not be good because He seeks after His own glory. God commands worship, and God commands that we do all things for His glory. And, if a person refuses, God sentences him to an eternity of hell, where torture is inflicted every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, [...]

Pop-Christianity and the Problem of Evil

Pop-Christianity gets on my nerves, and one of its biggest transgressions is its defense of God in the problem of evil. Many of you have probably seen the movie God's Not Dead. In it we find the story of a college student defending the Christian faith before an atheistic philosophy professor. Eventually the problem of evil comes [...]