A Common Sense Argument for a Theocratic Aristocracy

When people hear that I am in favor of a theocratic aristocracy, most people look at me like I’m a crazy person. But, the argument is really simple.

Most people are inclined to more foolishness and sinfulness than wisdom and righteousness in this world. 


Yep, that’s about it.

I’m not sure many would disagree with what I said.

And, truly, most Christians, my primary audience, would probably embrace everything I just said wholeheartedly.

But, when taken to the logical conclusion, because of the foolishness and sinfulness of men, it follows that a theocratic aristocracy is the best system of government this side of redemption.

A country cannot be run by the majority (e.g., democracy) because the large majority of foolish and sinful people will only vote for foolish and sinful things.


A country cannot be run by one person (i.e., a monarchy) because there is a high likelihood that a foolish sinner will bring about tyranny with no accountability in this world.


So, what is left? The country must be led by the few. A small grouping of leaders keeping one another accountable seems reasonable.

But, we must ask: if the country must be led by the few, what should the qualifications be for those entering into governmental service?

Well, common sense would tell us that they should be as far from folly and sin as possible.

Who is the furthest from folly and sin? Is it not obvious that, given the truth of Christianity, these should be the best among the religious leaders of the church?

The best will be those least inclined to foolishness, most likely having advanced degrees or invaluable insight and wisdom into the way of the world. And our religious leaders, those mature in the faith, having studied it for years, having been born again, having received a new heart from God, having grown to greater sanctification through Christ, will be those least inclined to sinfulness.

But, if we are led by the best, we have (definitionally) an aristocracy (viz., “rule of the best”).


And if we are led by the church’s religious leaders, we have, for all intents and purposes, a theocracy.

Take it one step further and note that the Bible, God’s Word, is the final authority for truth in this world, and we have the source book for our governmental practices, the document from which we make our decisions regarding all of life’s issues.

I see no other conclusion from Christian common sense.

Given the truth of Christianity, the best system of government this side of redemption is a theocratic aristocracy.

It is that simple.

Would any Christian really disagree with me here?


– The Odd Thinker



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