Trump Jr. and the Russians: Why Their Meddling Doesn’t Matter

Academics do not care where truth originates. If an English neuroscientist presents evidence and makes convincing arguments, he will be referenced by other writers. If a German philosopher publishes an incredibly detailed and persuasive argument for God, other philosophers will take notice. At certain times, conclusions will come under critique, and at other times, conclusions will be accepted. But, all in all, from where information comes is irrelevant to the fact that it is truth, if it is truth indeed.


The same idea can be applied for Russia meddling in the election.

Why does it matter that Russia hacked the DNC and gave the information to WikiLeaks?

Truth is truth, no matter the source.


Complaining that Russia meddled in the election is like complaining that a kid tattled on you for doing something wrong.

Because, you know what, though their tattling might be wrong itself, it is irrelevant to your actions. You still did something wrong.


Going even further, Trump Jr. trying to gather data, hoping to understand and harness information about his opponent, is only as evil as truth is error. Who cares if Russians were involved?

Truth is truth, no matter the source.

Too bad the Trump Jr. meeting had no profit.


– The Odd Thinker



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