Breaking the Constitution

Who cares about the Constitution?

Of course, this is a hyperbolic rhetorical question. Let’s be serious, now. Why does the Constitution even matter?

American conservatives have a tendency to act as if the United States Constitution is the Word of God, divinely given to our forefathers who created this blessed nation we call America. It is the very revelation from God Himself. The Almighty has detailed for us the best system of government, and God forbid anyone from thinking the Constitution wrong or from wanting to do something against it.

Well, you know what? The Constitution is a document written by men.

It is not divinely inspired, sorry to say, and God has not laid out in it the best system of government.

Sure, there might be some good things in it, but there might just be some bad things in it as well.

And this is what drives me insane.

Living in the South, I am surrounded by conservatives. Don’t get me wrong, I have many conservative beliefs (alongside many liberal beliefs), but what I have realized is that one of the biggest conservative arguments against gun control is that it is protected under the Second Amendment.

To this I genuinely wonder: Why does that matter?

If more gun control is what we should have, why does it matter that the Constitution protects the right to bear arms (whatever that means)?

The Constitution, written by men, is not Scripture.

If something should be done, it shouldn’t matter what some piece of paper written hundreds of years ago says. Only true ethical values should matter when making judgements, not a document that states the opinions of other men.

It is foolish, therefore, to base executive decisions, to base legislative decisions, to base judicial decisions, on anything other than objective moral values.

And this does not end with conservatives.

Liberals do the same thing. Hillary Clinton argued for abortion by saying that the Constitution does not give rights to the unborn.

To this I genuinely wonder: Why does that even matter?

If abortion is morally reprehensible, it should not matter what the Constitution says about it; it should not matter what the law allows for women to do. Abortion is evil, and federal, state, and local decisions should be made accordingly.

Stop using the law as the basis of argumentation for what should be done. No, instead, what should be done should be the basis of the law.

The Constitution is effectively meaningless to me.

Do what is right first and foremost.

Let objective moral values direct your lives and decisions.


– The Odd Thinker



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